Democracy on the way out
Lincoln famously observed that Republics do not last, often they break apart under the stress of factionalism. Our Republic is in the process of breaking apart due to factionalism, political dis-function, and economic inequality. We are declaring by our presence here today that it is our intent to publish a list of common sense reforms and laws to rally around the greatest number of supporters to fix this sad state of affairs. These reforms and laws are the basis of a political movement of civil disobedience and public action against our government. Voting by itself will not fix the problems that confront us. 
history making change
The 28th Amendment: We the people are faced with a government that is gridlocked and incapable of governing. No matter who we elect, no matter how inspirational the ideas, no laws will be passed, no problems will be resolved, nothing will get done. No one believes any longer in the possibility of compromise and good governance. Our political system has deteriorated into a system of legalized bribery and extortion. 

The 28th Amendment will mandate public funding for all federal and state elections, and in doing so will permanently remove money as a negative influence on lawmakers.

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All domestic political reforms herein are designed in hope of stopping a collapse of faith in our public institutions, and breathing new life into our dying Democracy. We feel that a divide and conquer strategy has been used against all Americans and with that in mind we have crafted reforms that bring together both liberal and conservative voters to solve some of the problems that confront us, and to enshrine an amendment to the Constitution that forever ends our current system of legalized bribery and extortion that is killing our Democracy.
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